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The following awards are scheduled to be awarded at Minnesota Stamp Expo 2016.  The show committee thanks the organizations for their support of exhibiting.  For more information on the sponsoring organization, please click on their name.

Societies and Clubs - If your organization would like to supply or sponsor an award at Minnesota Stamp Expo, please contact Todd Ronnei, Exhibits & Awards Chair.


Grand Award

Reserve Grand Award

Single Frame First Place Award

People’s Choice Award

Gold, Vermeil, Silver, Silver-Bronze and Bronze Medals to qualifying exhibits



American Philatelic Society:

Award of Excellence - Pre 1900 Material

Award of Excellence – 1900-1940 Material

Award of Excellence – 1940-1980 Material

Award of Excellence – Post 1980 Material

Award for Research

American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors:

Gold Award of Honor (2)

Creativity in Philatelic Exhibiting

Award for Excellence for Plan and Headings

Novice Award  

American Philatelic Congress – The Congress Book  

Germany Philatelic Society:

President's Award/GPS Grand Award 

Chris Hunt Award/GPS Reserve Grand Award

GPS Single Frame Award

Herman L. Halle Research Award

Colonel W. E. Davis Award

Gold, Vermeil, Silver, Silver-Bronze and Bronze Medals to qualifying exhibits

American First Day Cover Society – Best FDC Exhibit Award

American Topical Association - First Award

United States Stamp Society – Statue of Freedom Award  

Postal History Society – Postal History Award

Collectors Club of Chicago - Exhibitor's Award

Women Exhibitors – Sterling Achievement Award

Rossica Award - Best Russian-area exhibit



Minnesota Stamp Dealers Association:

Incentive to Collect Award



Last Update: 07/09/16